Spirtual Warrior

The Glean show opening was a surprising packed house and I think my performance went over well.   It was a great relief to finally present my story.   Photos and video to follow………

This is the story I wrote that went with the performance:

The fools journey into the realm of truth brings us together. Wearing a shawl adorned with
amulets and ribbons shows ego strength of the warrior who comes forward out of the shadows.
The spirit guides present themselves and become one with the warrior. These guides represent aspects of self and metaphors for truth. First comes the shaman or turtle, then the rabbit, the white owl goddess, the tiger spirit, and then the life/ death/ life mother or spider spirit. Each guide gives a gift to protect and sharpen the Warriors instincts, but the spider spirit, who is the giver of life and death which in turn creates or stirs the warrior to life. The gifts from the other guides are simply water, earth, air, and fire. The warrior accepts all the gifts for they contain the truth and within truth balance is found. Now the warrior is ready to discover what lies ahead on the path of the unknown.
This is the story I have to share from one warrior to another. It was all made possible by the living entity that is the city dump ( transfer station). This is a place in which we collectively with intention throw away, get rid of, and forget about our waste and consumption. The garments and artifacts before you were transformed into sacred objects to appease the great garbage spirit.
The Spirit Guides and the metaphors they represent:
Turtle or Shaman– Is between both worlds of land and sea this make the turtle a good translator. Moving towards the way of peace in a slow pace but with persistence. She has emotional strength and is grounded.
Hare (rabbit)- Represents abundance, renewal, hope, intuition, and new opportunities.
Blessings are in the mist and the needed direction and breakthrough is so close the rabbit will nudge or jump into action to make a move.
Owl– Old soul, the gatekeeper, has the ability to peer through the agenda of others. ,will
observe and keep secrets and wisdom guarded until it is the right moment and then she will move swiftly into action. Very psychic.
Tiger– Sensuality, beauty, and passion are strong characteristics but so is patience, mystery and grace. She has new moon energy which is the dark moon as a seed getting ready to grow full and magnetic. The tiger speaks to the heart to have courage to go after what you desire.
Spider– She tells us that not all things are as they appear. However we have life choices to
construct the life we live. She is receptivity and creativity and has the ability to fashion a new vision after every initiation which makes her infinite. The web represents strength, beauty, home, and within there is sustenance , birth, and destruction.
The Warrior / Fool – This is anyone and everyone. Some are ready for the journey with eyes open and heart unobstructed and some start carrying much too much baggage. This will eventually have to be shed in order for the spirit guides within us to fully impact our psyche. This is how we train to be a warrior.


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Gleaning in Action

Good-bye Metro transfer station.  Thank you for the good times and enlightenment!

My last pick………..



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Show Time

Here is some information about the Glean show I will be installing next week.  I hope you can make it out!  I will be having a fashion performance that will start at 6:30.

GLEAN postcard_Page_1

GLEAN postcard_Page_2

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I have been very busy the last month gleaning at the transfer station and working on the story for my latest residency with Metro.  The show deadline is coming up fast and the show,  which I hope you can all come to, is August 14.  I know many of you don’t live in Portland, so I will of course post pictures.

I wanted to share some of the materials I having been working with and details from the fruition of my visions.  Plastic, paper, rope, ribbons, are just a few of the elements I will be using.

paper beads

paper beads

shaman's obi

shaman’s obi

warrior / rope

warrior / rope

Warrior/ ego shawl

Warrior/ ego shawl

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So I have been doing some serious thinking about how to post this next bit of information and what exactly this information means to me.

As you may remember from past posts I have been visiting the Metro transfer station to glean for an exhibition in August at Disjecta.  This project has been very magical and it excites me!! A lot!!  I have to confess that I do infuse magic into my work whenever possible and this enables me to work straight from my heart and I feel that it has a purpose not only for me but for those who view it and are seeking that type of magic in their life.

If you want to catch up please read post – Trashy Spirit Guides.

This last visit to the station was very , very in my face and overtly sexual, with a dash of ancestry.  I have not been blessed with intimacy in many moons so I’m not really sure what to think, But this is just between you and I. 🙂   Should I get ready?  Or maybe its just part of the story of the Spiritual Warrior and in no direct relation to me.  Right…..

The message played out like this……………

First, I see a maypole sticking out of the trash heap like a spear that has been thrown right in my view.  For those of you who don’t know about maypoles; they are made or erected on May 1 for Beltane, a celebration of fertility (of the earth) and sexuality.  More on that here.


Then I find this chair that is torn in such a way that I am compelled to photograph it.  You decide how to interpret that.


Later on I see a truck dumping a house hold of goodies and in the boxes I discover the Kama Sutra and other sexy books.  ” Wow, this is getting good.” I think to myself.


sexyladylibidoRight next to that truck dump is another truck dumping more boxes and such.  One box looks old and I see what appears to be vintage photographs.  I take the whole box and yes, it is a whole family lineage of photos and information on said family.  But there is also a vintage book circa 1907 of gynecological colored plates. I’m in awe at this point.


As if that is not enough for me to chew.   At the very end of the day my last find comes from a van in which contains mostly wood and building materials. I see in the window a mask of a tiger.  This is already one of my spirit guides and the sexy one too.


So really that is it.  What would you think?  It did take me a few days to put it all together as a whole.  This has been the most clues per pick thus far.  And like a caterpillar it will transform into a butterfly.

Thank you for listening.  Blessings to you!

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Trashy Spirit Guides

It has been too long since my last posting.  The wheel has started turning again and things in my world are moving forward and picking up speed……….

In late February I was accepted into a residency with Metro, Recology and Cracked Pots.  The this project is called ‘Glean’ and I am one of 5 artist that get full access to pick or glean from the city dump (transfer station) and on August 14 we are having an art exhibition.  This is my first residency and quite an appropriate one at that.

For my part in the show I will be revisiting recycled fashion.  Some of you may remember my show in 2010 ‘Pre-soiled’.  So much fun!!  This time I am going for a deeper concept which is ‘Spiritual Warrior’.  So far my visits to the station have been magical and have been informing my work in a much appreciated way.

Feel free to check the community glean blog for more information on the project and the other artists who are creating.  We are also posting our findings and thoughts on this blog.

I thought I would share with you some of the animal spirit guides that came to me while looking through the heaps of trash.  This will for sure be part of the show in some manifestation.


The Owl-  an old soul that has the ability to peer through the agenda of others, she will observe, be silent, keep secrets and wisdom guarded until the right moment to swiftly move into action.


The Rabbit- Blessing are in the mist, abundance,  renewal, and new opportunities will be nudged forward, she has intuition and timing down to a science.  This is how she knows when to jump into action and make a move.


The Tiger- is mystery, sensuality, beauty and passion.  With the energy of the new moon she speaks to the heart for courage to go after what you desire.




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Sticks and stones

This is my first post of the new year.   I am hopeful that the year of the ram will bring the needed yin energy to get projects started and new connections focused in the right direction.

I wanted to share with you one of the new projects I am starting on.

Last year I started to find myself drawn to lichen and I went through a 8 month period of research and trial about the scientific properties of lichen and mosses and the ways in which they can be used as dyes.  After that I began to see lichen everywhere and my interest grew.  So naturally, I started to collect some of the lichen I was finding.

I realize that lichen takes a long time to grow and when collecting, one should only take 10% of each bloom.

One week after a heavy wind storm, the streets were littered with sticks and I noticed a lot of lichen.  The lichen I am interested in mainly is of the xanthoria species.  The main characteristic is its bright yellow color.  So now I am the stick lady.  I find lots of sticks on the ground covered or partially dotted with this beautiful lichen and so my collection is growing.

I cannot say exactly what I am going to create with all this new dye color and technique, but my mind is swimming with ideas and connections.  The trees are speaking to me and the environment is producing this lichen as a way to filter the air.  It is my pleasure to understand this dynamic and transform it into poetry.

concrete lichen

Concrete on Mt. Tabor


iron lichen

Iron on Mt. Tabor

tree lichen

Two Birch trees, one is overgrown the other has very little growth

few sticks


studio sticks

The collection thus far…….

studio 2


studio 1

studio inspirations


murky waters of inspiration


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