Calendar of Events

Here are a few things to choose from.

  • November 1 2015, Opening at Air Gallery, “Passages”, 3-8pm
  • November TBD , Trunk show at Altar, Hawthorne
  • December 12 2015, Big 500 opening at Peoples Art of Portland, 2-9pm

2 Responses to Calendar of Events

  1. Sassie T says:

    Adore your work, vision as an artist and muse of sorts, this speak volumes to me and breathe is taken light into my work thanks. Wish I could have you do a personal piece of infused a masterpiece of art in cloth for me, wondering how this might come about. I keep a small closet only collect the best of my selective pieces to wear now, this is a journey worthy of taking upon if this destination bring you into the closet I may hold too being you be apart of it too.
    Contact me please. Sassie T

  2. says:

    dear Rio Wrenn,

    what you do is truly inspiring and amazing. I am a costume artist/sculptor and performer from Vienna and would love to share my thoughts with you.

    please contact me:

    or Facebook: Patrizia Ruthensteiner

    all the best

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