Web of Desire

Her Name is Laughter

When I die
I want your eyes
for lamps
I want your hair
for my night
and you white laughter
for my days.
When I die
I want the stars
to burn through my skin.
I want a boat
made from your body
that sails
inside my chest.
I want you to lie
on your back
I will kneel
in your hair,
place my hands
beneath your ribs
and pull you
away from the ground
towards my mouth.
You will reach up
touching the inside
of my skull.
That is when
my bones
will turn
to dark water
in your hands.

 Richard Garcia

r.a.w.1r.a.w. 2IMG_9222IMG_9400IMG_9454

 Photography : Spencer Watson  Hair : Monica Marteau  Makeup: Daniel Medina

Jewelry: Pure Jewelry  Wardrobe: R.A.W. Textiles  Concept : Rio Wrenn

Models: Glass Olive, Ryonen


About riowrenn

I am a visual artist, textile designer, belly dancer, and nature lover
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