Morning Delight

Several months ago I had a photoshoot with Spencer Watson and a wonderful team of models and artist.  The concept for the shoot was Fantasy vs Reality. I decided to walk along the erotic side of both worlds.  This is a short story line that I thought you might enjoy.  There will be more to come in following posts.

Thanks to  Pure Jewelry, Monica Marteau, and Daniel Medina for your outstanding work and contribution.  Wardrobe and styling by Rio Wrenn
Wardrobe includes R.A.W., Janeane Marie, and vintage garments










About riowrenn

I am a visual artist, textile designer, belly dancer, and nature lover
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One Response to Morning Delight

  1. richardhaas8 says:

    Loved ’em all………………but “Natures Oven” left me……………not knowing what I’d seen.

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