Natures Oven

It seems that every year about this time heat waves across the country.  Most people run inside and hide in an air-conditioned room or go to the beach and soak the sun for its vital vitamin D.  I take this time each year to compost as much as I can for future collections and whatever I can fit in.  Baggies of bundled silks cook in the afternoon sun as I wait and watch for the glorious results.


My neighbor is growing hollyhock and so I have been able to double my harvest this year.


This is a hollyhock bundle before composting with rust and secret sauce.


You cant tell, but this was steaming from the sun as I opened it.


The silk is opened and breathing.



About riowrenn

I am a visual artist, textile designer, belly dancer, and nature lover
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One Response to Natures Oven

  1. gonerustic says:

    Stunning – love the patterns on the silk, and the colours =D

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