Last night was amazing! Thank you for all the people who came out to watch the show. It was quite a downpour outside. Pre-Soiled Couture was my existence for the last year and now it too must pass. I will have pictures and video up soon, thanks to OSI.
I really want to thank the people who donated money to my kickstarter project so I could fund the show.
Maria Toye, Jeff Block, Jennifer Delanty, Ari Steinberg-Lake, Christine Bailey Claringbold, Kim Sakkara, Carl Knox, Eva Marrale, Angie Meek, jerod Tarte, Jeanie Boone, Bethany Moore, Robert and Donna Wrenn, Karen Gill, Jean Nichols, Jennifer Brena, Michael Smith, Amy Reed, Judith Eide, Dagmarwm,and Sam Hackman.
Thank you so much!!


About riowrenn

I am a visual artist, textile designer, belly dancer, and nature lover
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2 Responses to Success

  1. Wow, that’s a very cool collection, definitely unique.

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